Duurzame hondenspullen uit liefde voor onze huisdieren en de planeet.

Misterdog is een hondenwinkel die zich inzet om het leven van onze honden en de planeet waarop ze leven te verbeteren.

Als kampioenen van het milieu (en natuurlijk als huisdierouders!) geloven we dat we onze ecologische voetafdruk kunnen verkleinen zonder kwaliteit, functionaliteit of design op te offeren.

We selecteren alleen de meest duurzame huisdierproducten van maatschappelijk verantwoorde merken. Laat ons je helpen op je reis naar een duurzamere huisdiereigenaar te worden.

Our Values

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As a sustainable pet store, we know how it important it is to reduce our carbon footprint. That's why many of our products are sourced both locally and in Europe.By choosing made in the Europe pet products you're not only supporting the environment, but the local economy as well!



From natural ingredients to sustainable materials like organic cotton, we carry many pet products that are organic.All of these products are also made without chemicals or pesticides. Some are even biodegradable or compostable!



While so many of our products can be recycled, there are also many that have been given a second life.Our upcycled products are those that have been made from recycled materials or ingredients.



We believe that supporting small businesses can limit fast fashion and reduce our carbon footprint.Many of the brands we carry also care about protecting the environment and take great care in producing quality, meaningful products.

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For any pet food products, specifically supplements, we prefer holistic, vet approved products that include all nutrients your pet needs to thrive.By choosing sustainable, vet approved products, you’ll never be feeding your pet preservatives or unnecessary additives to slow them down.



Nurture your furry friend with our vegan pet products, where compassion meets quality. We're dedicated to providing cruelty-free options that are as gentle on animals as they are on the planet.