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Poils de velours is a 98% natural-origin solid shampoo for dogs, specifically designed to strengthen, protect, purify, and beautify the coat. Its unique formula with organic vegetable powders and oils provides a natural and effective wash, leaving your dog's coat clean, soft, and silky without irritating the skin. The shampoo produces a gentle and creamy lather and is ideal for the most sensitive and demanding skin types.
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Poils de velours is a 98% natural origin solid shampoo for dogs that strengthens, coats, sanitizes, and beautifies the coat.

🌿 Its exceptional formula with vegetable powders and organic  oils naturally and effectively cleanses your dog without irritating their skin, leaving a clean, soft, and silky coat! Our shampoo releases a delicate and creamy foam. It is suitable for the most sensitive and demanding skin.

Suitable for all dog breeds from 6 months old!

Do not apply to pregnant/nursing females.

The "Poils de velours" (Velvet Fur) shampoo is a purifying, coating, sanitizing, and beautifying shampoo suitable for all coats!
Our shampoo also eliminates impurities, dead hairs, and facilitates easier detangling.

Wet your dog and the shampoo.
Rub the shampoo directly onto their coat until the desired foam is achieved! Massage your furry friend over the entire body for deep cleaning and an absolute moment of well-being! Finally, rinse thoroughly for good elimination of the product rich in powders.
Wipe and dry your companion as usual!
Avoid contact with the eyes.

Its 98% natural and vegan formula combines vegetable powders, vegetable oils, and organic essential oils with sanitizing, nourishing, soothing, and regenerating properties.
All ingredients have been carefully studied and selected based on their qualities and properties to respect dog's skin. They are all suitable for dogs and non-toxic!
Its pH is adapted to the skin of dogs.
FSC-certified 100% recyclable cardboard case.

  • Organic argan vegetable oil: Extremely nourishing and reparative, it helps regenerate your companion's skin's hydrolipidic film.
  • Organic nettle powder: Fortifying, nettle powder provides the necessary minerals and vitamins to strengthen the beauty of the coat. It also combats hair loss and is ideal for oily coats.
  • Organic niaouli essential oil: Antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory, it’s an excellent essential oil for purification and sanitation!
  • Organic shea butter: Rich and nourishing, it deeply moisturizes the skin and brings shine to the coat!

Complete list: A combination of very mild vegetable-based surfactants, reetha powder*, shikakai powder*, kapoor kachli powder, nettle powder*, shea butter*, white clay, provitamin B5, oat protein, castor vegetable oil*, argan vegetable oil*, neem vegetable oil*, oat vegetable oil, hemp vegetable oil*, nettle hydrosol*, niaouli essential oil*, cade essential oil*.
98% of the ingredients are of natural origin, of which 40% are certified organic*


Made in Eu


With one wash per month, the Miraculous solid shampoo ensures between 12 and 15 washes on a medium-sized dog!

Absolutely! Our shampoo is made up of a combination of very gentle plant-based surfactants that release a delicate and creamy foam, easy to rinse!

To avoid harming their skin and coat, the frequency of baths for your furry friend should be once a month at most! Excessive hygiene can weaken the skin's natural protection. Dogs' needs are different from ours.

Remember to store your shampoo in a dry place, ideally on a soap dish so that it dries quickly!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Quick and Efficient

Received the order quickly, efficiently, and in good condition. Haven't tested the soap yet, but I have confidence given the positive comments. We'll see.

Pleasantly Surprised

I was a bit skeptical at first, even though I use solid shampoo myself. And finally, very surprised and delighted. It's GREAT; I didn't need to wet it much to see the foam appear, it's light and delicate. I saw the soapy water start to run. The scent is very, very subtle. You just need to get used to it and find the technique for handling it. And finally, rinsing is a breeze compared to the veterinary shampoo I've been using until now. It rinses easily and quickly. It's been 5 days since his shower, and the dandruff he usually has is much, much less visible, and he's still as soft. A pleasure. Thank you.

Disappointed with the Size

Disappointed with the size of the product. It foams more like a small foam shampoo. Pleasant in terms of smell.


I don't know if what I'm going to say is relevant :) First, I'm a thousand times delighted with my purchase because the D&M company respects the carbon footprint, the planet, and animals! As for this new product, for now, it suits me, but the appearance and the very natural color lol may need improvement. Keep up the good work. A loyal customer.