Meet Misterdog: Real Care for Your Pup and the Planet

Welcome from Misterdog! Inspired by our Chihuahua, Lola, our small family business handpicks high-quality, stylish, and sustainable pet products from trusted European brands that share our love for dogs and the planet. Every item reflects our commitment to your pet's well-being and a healthier Earth

Our Promise to You and Your Best Friend

Our Promise to You: With every item we offer, from chic outfits to wholesome treats, we guarantee a commitment to excellence, practicality, and eco-friendliness. Join us as we work together towards a better, more sustainable future for our beloved pets

Our Story: The Heart Behind Misterdog

It all started with a simple wish: to give our furry friends the best of both worlds - style and well-being. As a small family business, Misterdog was born from our passion for high-quality, fashionable, and sustainable pet care. h and eco-conscious living.

In Loving Memory of Our Inspiration: The Original Misterdog

Our entire collection is a tribute to the spirit and joy of our beloved Bruce, whose personality and love inspired not just the name 'Misterdog' but every single choice we make. He may no longer be with us, but his lives on in every product we select, designed to bring as much happiness and comfort to your pets as he brought to our lives.