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Safeguard your dog's coat with Le Sauve-qui-peut!, our 99% natural-origin antiparasitic shampoo. It's a protective barrier against fleas, ticks, and more, using organic essential oils and geraniol for effective, gentle care
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A 99% natural origin solid antiparasitic shampoo for dogs that protects your dog from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and harvest mites.

🌿 Its exceptional formula with 6 organic essential oils and geraniol, a plant-based insect repellent whose effectiveness has been tested and proven in the laboratory, effectively and naturally protects your furry friend's coat from unwanted parasites, leaving it soft and silky! It can be used throughout the summer season. Our shampoo releases a delicate and creamy foam. It is suitable for the most sensitive and demanding skin.

Suitable for all dog breeds from 3 months old!

The "Sauve-qui-peut!" shampoo is an antiparasitic, purifying, sanitizing, and beautifying shampoo.
It will naturally and effectively clean your dog without harming their skin, leaving a coat protected from parasites, soft, and silky!
Our shampoo also eliminates parasites, impurities, dead hair, and allows for easier detangling.

Wet your dog and the shampoo.
Rub the shampoo directly onto their coat until the desired foam is achieved! Massage your furry friend over the entire body for deep cleaning and an absolute moment of well-being! Finally, rinse thoroughly for good elimination of the product rich in powders.
In case of very inflamed skin, it is advisable to leave the shampoo on for a few minutes.
Wipe and dry your companion as usual!
Avoid contact with the eyes.

Keep out of the reach of children.
In case of contact with the eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
Do not swallow.
In case of ingestion/allergic reaction, consult a veterinarian.

Its 99% natural and vegan formula combines vegetable powders, vegetable oils, organic essential oils, and geraniol with repellent, sanitizing, and nourishing properties.
All the ingredients have been carefully studied and selected based on their qualities and properties to respect dogs' skin. They are all suitable for dogs and non-toxic!
Its pH is adapted to the skin of dogs.

  • Organic Shikakai powder: A remarkable cleansing powder, it gently washes the coat and restores shine and strength to the hair. In Indian tradition, it is used to make hair soft and silky. It also limits dandruff formation and promotes growth!
  • Geraniol: A plant-based insect repellent whose effectiveness has been tested and proven in the laboratory, geraniol is considered one of the best antiparasitic actives. It works against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, and mites.
  • Organic rose geranium essential oil: Thanks to several of its compounds, it keeps flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and tick larvae at bay. It is also known for relieving insect bites and calming itching.
  • Organic neem vegetable oil: Repellent and antiparasitic, it protects from fleas and ticks. In synergy with rose geranium essential oil, its repellent properties are greatly enhanced.
  • Organic linalool thyme essential oil: Antibacterial, anti-infectious, antifungal, thyme essential oil with linalool also has antiparasitic virtues due to its richness in linalool.

Complete list: A combination of very mild vegetable-based surfactants, reetha powder*, shikakai powder*, kapoor kachli powder, oat powder*, fine lavender hydrosol*, white clay, provitamin B5, geraniol, oat protein, castor vegetable oil*, neem vegetable oil*, bayberry vegetable oil, coconut vegetable oil*, tea tree essential oil*, rose geranium essential oil*, pink berries essential oil*, clove essential oil*, linalool thyme essential oil*,
99% of the ingredients are of natural origin, of which 41.3% are certified organic*
Active substance: Geraniol (12 g/kg) CAS N° 106-24-1Biocide classified TP19 (insect repellent).

Without paraben, dye, sulfate, silicone, and synthetic fragrance.


Made in Eu


With one wash per month, the Miraculous solid shampoo ensures between 12 and 15 washes on a medium-sized dog!

Absolutely! Our shampoo is composed of a combination of very gentle plant-based surfactants that release a delicate and creamy foam, easy to rinse!

To avoid harming its skin and coat, the frequency of baths for your furry friend should be once a month at most! Excessive hygiene can weaken the skin's natural protection. Dogs' needs are different from ours.

Remember to store your shampoo in a dry place, ideally on a soap dish so that it dries quickly!

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