Dexter stick truffe FAQ

The Belle Truffe stick is formulated without fragrance or essential oils! It has the natural odor of the ingredients present.

These two balms have been developed for two specific areas! You wouldn't apply foot cream to your face, would you? Well, it's the same here :)

Our products are natural, without toxic ingredients, and can be licked without harm! They will continue to be effective, but for better results, we recommend distracting your dog during and after application to ensure the product penetrates well and retains its effectiveness (treats, massages, cuddles, etc.).

All the ingredients in each formula have been carefully studied and are suitable for dogs!

The Belle Truffe stick does not protect from the harmful effects of the sun!

I recommend our SPF30 sunscreen that provides high protection for your companion's little nose.

The stick and pot formats of Belle Truffe have the same effectiveness! The pot format is more generous, while the stick format offers a practical, precise, and quick application!

The Belle Truffe stick can be stored for a minimum of 6 months after opening if kept away from moisture and heat.

If these conditions are respected, you can keep it for at least a year or more!

In case of high temperatures, feel free to store your balm in the refrigerator.