Our Brands

We believe in strong likeminded brands. That's why we carefully curated the brands we offer.


Discover Barkalot: Where Passion for Dogs Meets Sustainable Style! Born from a deep love for dogs and a keen eye for aesthetics, Barkalot is not just a brand; it's a revolution in the world of pet essentials. Their ethos perfectly aligns with our core values, embracing both sustainable living and chic design. Barkalot stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and stylish, safe products, mirroring our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the belief that our furry friends deserve the best.

Frenky Lewis

Meet Frenky Lewis: A Tribute to the Timeless Bond Between Humans and Dogs. Born in 2022 from a journey of love and respect for animals, especially dogs, Frenky Lewis is more than a brand—it's a movement. Inspired by travels to Nepal, India, and beyond, Frenky Lewis embodies the essence of modern, urban chic, seamlessly blending fashion with functionality for dog owners. At its heart, Frenky Lewis is committed to sustainability, ensuring ethical production free from exploitation, and minimizing environmental impact.


We're excited to introduce tadazhi, a brand that perfectly aligns with our commitment to sustainability and style. Born from a vision to create high-quality, organic products for dogs and homes, tadazhi transforms ordinary dog accessories into elegant and practical home decor. Prioritizing the use of 100% organic or recycled materials, tadazhi ensures the production process is ethical and environmentally friendly. Organic cotton, free from harsh chemicals, ensures the softness and durability of their products, making them ideal for your pet and the planet. By choosing tadazhi, you're not only choosing style and quality but also taking a step closer to sustainable living​